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                                                Chapter One 

                                                    The Arrival

    The morning was so cozy,it was my first time back home after my unseen leave to the US, After my fifteen years stay in the States things turned out bad for me, I just had to relocate back to my country where I could start something new,yes it was time to leave the I'll lock memories of the past behind now, this was a new me coming back home to be the best I ought to have been while in the States.
  At about 1:45pm I arrived Benin City my home land, things were way much so different from the way I left it, the airport having a new look just like what we have in the States this was a new city the transformation was shocking, shocking in the sense that this was not how I left this ancient city of my.if I could recall vividly back in the days, the pot holes along the roads,the rugged traffics which took hours to pass by or was it the profound dirtiness of the streets, the swollen hardship on the faces of my beautiful hardworking brothers and sisters, that was the Benin I left. Now it was just like back in the the States where the roads and streets where arranged in a beautiful manner. Still in the process of recovering from the shock, I forgot to tip of the little guy who had helped me in offloading my baggages.

   "Oga,Oga I don offload am finish o."(speaking in his local English)
The little guy gazed at me with eyes of a reward at the same time panting
   "here you go."(handing to him a thousand naira note)
 "Oga thank you very very much o,Oga thank you."
 "Don't mention I should be the one thanking you for handling this mountainous bags for me thanks for the help little man, but please how do I go about in getting a Cab."
 "Oga which one be kab again this your English no dey sound well for my ear them."
   "Oh I meant a taxi."
 "OK Oga na taxi you mean."
 " Yes a taxi my little man."
"Oga you go try switch mode o."
 " Pardon!!"
"I no say pernadol Oga I say make you switch mode."
  "Uh sorry, switching of which mode little man?"
"Oga I mean say your tongue na naija you dey so if you continue like this them go use you take play ball."
  "Oh that,no problem little man am gonna try my best to be as simple as I can be,now back to my question where can I get a taxi around here."
Ok Oga no need for taxi just wait for comrade bus e go drop you for the area or na ring road if na ring road you dey go e go drop you there.
  Ok thanks little man for the assistance
Oga na you do well pass o bye bye e
   Oya bye.

   Now i was being welcomed by nature herself, feeling the flirting touches of the sun was really a great sign to tell me that I was now in Africa.
 Taxi,Taxi,Taxi damn how am I gonna get a cab now
Things over here were really stressful,I noticed the way the stores men and women stared at me with scornful eyes. Then a woman came to my aid after she saw I was really struggling just to get a cab
 "My son what is the problem over here?"
 "Good afternoon ma"I could feel the laziness in my voice now
 "Afternoon my son,it looks like your not from around here?"
 "Your right ma, am new around here and have being trying to get a taxi to get to my destination but they ain't coming forth."
 "don't worry my son let me help you stop one"she gave out some signs with her hands before I knew a taxi was in front of us.
 " thank you ma am really greatful, you don't know how much task you've taken from me thank you ma."
 " it OK I better be on my way now,take good care of those bags".
 " sure thing ma will do that."
 "Oga where to na"
 " please am heading to Remat park"
 " which one be remat again, abeg talk well or na ramat"
 "Yes Ramat, please don't be angry at me am just new here"
 "OK sir then I guess your heading to ramat."changing his language to that of my.
I was surprised and I guessed he noticed it
 " are you surprise sir."
 " yes I am,so not all drivers are really commoner's."
 "Hahaha no sir, you know not everyone are literate enough to communicate with normal English that way the broken English is being used and moreover this is naija na pidgin English we dey mostly use"he was enjoying his wisdom on both language which I was yarning to catch up with.
 " hmm that true Mr"
 " let me help you with those bags." He came over and opened his back boot and dropped all my bags within seconds.
  Taking my sit beside windscreen, I kept on gazing at the beautiful structures around the city, I was still amazed at the great work put in by the recent Governor of the state, but the young taxi man saw it in another way which led to some debate between the both of us.
 "Mr my I know your name please?"
I was trying to build a relationship with him since I was still new in the city.
 " it john,Sir Mr john at your service, I can see that you are not from around here sir."
 " yes john, your right just came back from the states and this is my first time back home after fifteen good years."
 "Wow!! That is really lengthy Sir, now I can now see reasons why you've got the foreign accent.

Stay tuned
For the continuation.


  1. Still waiting for the continuation Pls do and drop it

  2. Wow it nice to see that benin is being use in a storyline, justcant wait to share this with others

  3. Not so bad, good beginning hope to see more fiction in it if it is going to be a fiction story

  4. Looks so dry to me


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