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How You Know It's Time To Give Up On Him

He doesn't care. Deep down, I think you already know he doesn't. Deep down, I think you've known that he doesn't for awhile now. Deep down, I think you're having a hard time accepting that he doesn't care. I know you have this hope that if you just wait long enough, if you just try hard enough, if you just prove yourself enough, then he will.
But surely, you must realize that he doesn't care enough about you to even notice the effort and acknowledge the love you put into him and it's starting to feel like you've been wasting your time. Now, you're wishing you stayed home that day and never met him. Now, you're regretting the day you replied back to him when you could have just left him on seen. Now, you're blaming yourself for having such high expectations since you went and got attached.
Let me be the one to tell you something, okay? If he can fall asleep knowing you're crying, knowing you're unhappy, knowing you're not okay, then he doesn't care about you and it's time to move on. Don't prioritize someone who isn't treating you like you're a priority. Don't make someone important when they aren't making you feel like you're special.
Don't give someone your all when you're getting nothing in return from them. You're worth more than what you've settled for.
Sincerely, aguy who cares Byron Benon

-Byron Benon


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