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Rules For A Successful Blog

Setting  a successful blog can pose to be a big problem to some new bloggers and also the existing one's, if you could get the right step to blog then you would enjoy blogging and in time start earning with your blog without stress...........

Now let move to the steps, dont wonna waste your time

1. The focus of your blog 

What is your blog all about,what is the niche 
What is the main purpose of your blog
And what will you be giving out to your viewers 
You need to ask yourself this questions 

once you've got the answers to those questions then you have a focus 
Note you must be unique, you must not be like the others 
Your work must be different. 

2. Develop a prefect blog name 

Once you know where your taking your blog to, you will need a suitable name to describe your blog. We know that their are a lot of names out their, but you can create a unique name that suits you. 

3. Design 

First of  all create a design or design your blog in a way it will be responsive for individuals and viewers to understand. Design it so that it will be suitable for mobile and desktop views. A poorly designed blog can negatively impact on your traffic. 

4. Creating your pages 

Pages asin the home, about ,contact us, privacy policy and terms and conditions. 

Your about page : determines how the viewers will respond to your blog because the About page describe and tells the viewers about what your blog is all about, what it will be offering and other important stuffs 

Contact us: this is where you give the viewers the opportunity to communicate with you, these is the page where you drop your mail address and you can also drop other social media platforms related to your blog on a contact us page. 

Privacy policy : this is the power house your privacy policy determines if your blog would be accepted by third parties and also google. A good privacy policy on your blog means your good to go and ready to apply for any affiliates. 

5. Content creation 

Content creation is the substance of your blog. Its what people are going to see in the search result. Creating high quality content makes your blog rank well on google search. 
Content are the post you will be giving out to your viewers, can i tell you one secret 
  To get viewers coming back to your blog every time you've got to give them something they are looking for, the main secret is giving them answers to the problems they are trying to solve. 
  We could see that there are a lot of blogs and site out there that solve common problems that people are unable to solve, by doing this the viewers would love to come back because he/she knows that your blog is the right place for them to get those problem solve.

So you see if you can get this right tell me why you  won't get those traffic, the traffic will be increased because you just created a platform for solving problems. 
-Giving out information- this is where site like BBC, CNN and others comes in, they provide those details, gist and news that people can't get by themselves and when viewers see that you provide what they don't have the means of getting you will see them troping back to your blog.

6. Content promotion 

Promoting your content through social media like facebook, twitter, instagram and others helps your blog get the traffic you might need, so must learn to promote your content. 

Ok this is what i can give out for now 
We would be talking more on others so pls do come back for more thank you. 


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