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Never Give Up

Never give up no matter what, if you're about giving up think about the reason you started the whole thing, look at the people that are hoping for you to succeed, think about what mama will say if you throw it all out......
Have you ever thought of what you have done for others if you could impact little to others in a short time then why should you give up just because you just encounter a road block those not mean all is over,  there is this wise sayings:

           "as far their is life, their is hope in abundance "

            "hard times make us stronger and wise"

            "Roman was not built in a day"

Believe your going to scale through and things will get better 
Let me share my story 

Late last two years i set out to create my own website, so i jump into it without research, i asked people on how i could open one and they told me i must have atlest N20,000 to open a successful site, but the problem was that i didn't have that amount with me. So i went to a friend asked him to help me in creating one since his good at it but instead i was turned down he told me to bring that same amount mentioned earlier, i told him my situation but i got the most shocking reply he told me to get out if i don't have that amount with me. So i went off disappointed to me at that point every dream of me owning a personal website was thrown away 

But that evening i thought to myself,  i said "i can read and write then what holding me" so i went to my room took my phone and googled on how to open a personal website, to my greatest surprise opening it was vary simple, easy and free (that if you want to use the free platform provided by blogspot and wordpress) so i found out that i can run my site on google blogspot for free as far have got a stable sub and free time to post, so that evening i created my first blog Naijacomic.

Note two things kept me going the determination and the readyness to learn.

Now after opening the blog i was faced with making it known to people this was not easy, there was a time i totally gave up why because nobody knew about my blog, just has i was about deleting my blog i got a message from facebook, i opened it and the message read

Thanks Eosa for your information, i really appreciate it alot have gotten so enlighten about somestuff and i hope to get more from you. 

When i got this message the determination to give out my best doubled i forgot about making it popular and focused on doing what i love most giving information out to people and ever since i have grown and my blogs are getting popular now daily. 

Why am i telling you this,  i want you to know that you're not a failure 
You just have to be determined, focused and be ready for anything that comes your way and also put God first in everything you do. 


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