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Peter's Story (The heart break)

Pls most of the language are different from the typical English

So after today's psychology exam
Me and my padi(friend) were just discussing o then we noticed one of our nigga was just so sobbed so as good friends we walked up to him and asked
Guy what is the matter
he said
Abeg make una leave me jare so my other guy left him, as a good padi I sat him down and asked him guy how far
Omo the guy just burst cry o, me come dey fear I was like abeg hope nobody die, he said no then what
(Na then peter drop bomb o)

Esther just dumped me
Omo I burst laugh, could not stopped myself
Peter got up and went off, I ran after him
Guy no vex watin happen na
Bros nothing o just because I was unable to get her the laptop
That was how he started his story
 Just because i was unable to get her the laptop I promised o
Yesterday she called me and said she don't think she will be able to continue the relationship
I was shock and I asked what were her reason
But she was unable to give me a soundable reply
but bros I don show this girl love in all ways this is our 5th year together, bros 5 good years, 5
Bros do you believe I never pop this girl up till now
Many times she will say peter let just do it but just because she was not that ready I told her not yet
Them say love them with all your heart bros I do am
Have been faithful, I don't club I no dey smoke I no dey drink I hardly stay out late (for my mind dis guy just be like me,make I hear he tori) bros her family love me like their son, I have fought for this girl,borrowed to get her stuffs,stayed up when she's sick all of a sudden she just decided to flush me out bros it not fair na
Just because things are just messed up now the economic is bad
Everyone knows this, I told her to give me sometime
And all I can hear now is that it all over
Peter sat down and said
Bros if get through nothing ever would make me fall in love again nothing bros
I got puzzled myself not knowing what to say to please him
Anyway I told him, guy take heart maybe na just God way of saying she's not the one for you
I later left him at his lodge.

When i got home I sat down and was thinking, this is peter the good a true gentleman, handsome and knowledge wise,a decent guy every mother would want for their daughter. And all of a sudden Esther just deleted him from her life. I kept on thinking until I slept off.

Now what my say towards this
This is a guy who have played all the card right doing all what they said in the books but what went wrong.
My say is that all this girls  are not to be trusted, nothing like love in naija it all about the paper niggers all about the cash
Not that there are no Mr right, Mr right dey every where, wa ready to show/give them real love but money have blinded them all not all but 90% of them
They just want to be like their friends Amaka and co
But the question is do they know what this others girls do to get this big things, no they don't but they want the young guys who are still building up their life to get it for them
That people ain't fair if you ain't ready to be patient  with him or struggle with him, then you should never say yes to him
And in this recent time no nigger will watch you dump him and go away with it no just few that why many girls end up dead and some they will sit down around waiting for him to make it ,when he makes it you come back,dear if he accept you just know it for a limited time this time his gonna use you just like you did to him
Just look at this story
5years that girl get heart, peter my guy
Hmmm what a sad story 😑😟

If you got anything to contribute or say
Pls do make use of the comment box below


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