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What Every Lady Got To Know

What Every Lady Got To Know

 *if you are in school during your 100level and 200level. You don't need Love, you need life.

*if he keeps on putting his needs first kick him out.

*if is not proud to walk down the street with hands in hands,not proud to introduce you to his friend and family freely forget about him and think more about your life.

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*if his not ready to support your dream, to believe in what you can do my sis pls don't kill yourself over that nigga, a real bf or husband to be must be ready to improve his lady destiny in anyway he can.

* If he is having sex with you or fondling your body .
You are not a sex worker! You are not a prostitute!
If he does not believe in ABSTINENCE, then he is an accident on 2legs....get out of his life.

* If he ask you to post your breast, buttocks, or your private part to him and for his eyes alone, on any social platform......he has just insulted you.....block him!

*If he ask you to have sex with his lecturers to get good grades for him....or ask you to have sex with someone to get any benefit, tell him, he is the biggest mistake that ever happened in your life.

* If he threatens to break up with you because you say no to premarital sex....Look at him eyeball to eyeball.....shoulder to shoulder.... and tell him...."YOU WILL FIND SOMEONE LIKE YOU BUT YOU CAN NEVER FIND SOMEONE LIKE ME"....walk away from him.....Cos you deserve the best!

* If he ask you if you are a Virgin....ask him...."Is that why you want me, is my virginity all there is to this relationship"?
Don't disclose your Virginity to anybody! Is not an NTA or CNN news. They don't use it to collect money in the your personal Pride.
Don't Prove your Virginity to any your trophy!

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* If he ask you to Prove your love for him by opening your legs for sex....tell him....the last time you check, sex and Love are not children of the same father and mother. Educate his Foolishness and ignorance. Tell him Love is about conviction and Sex is about feelings. A feeling that comes and goes. Tell him, sex comes from the head of a man and not his heart where Love dwells. Tell him animals also have sex...are they proving Love? Tell him the prostitutes in the brothel give sex to get they prove Love. Tell him sex is Fun....Love is a commitment, a sacrificial commitment that has nothing to do with what you give.
Further tell him, that the prove of Love is PATIENCE not SEX. If you truly Love me, you will obey God to wait till marriage. Tell him, boys have sex but mature men have self-control.

Good pm
-Emmanuel Osunde


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