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The Africa Queen is a black beauty from the Africa soil,land
She is a warrior of justice, healer of mind, body and spirit.

The Africa Queen is a sample for others to learn from

The Africa Queen does not look down on herself

The Africa Queen is a proud mother,sister and wife

The Africa Queen is a helping hand, to her family , community and nation

The Africa Queen does not change herself, colour and nature just to be like others

The Africa Queen is patient, caring and loving

She has raised kings,ruled nations,fought to protect her people and died in the process only to be reborn,she is a lovely mother that will do anything for her children to become successful be it just for her to sell her last cloth,hawk ,work under the rain or sun she's prepare to go through all this. She's one who will keep on saving not to buy things for herself but to help support her family.
She is that patient woman even when things are so bad she will keep on hoping that things will get well soon, things will get better.

She's that light that never fade out,that hope that never get tired,that sweetness that brings joy yes
She is the Africa Queen

By Emmanuel Osunde


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