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We Need Lovely, Not Sexy By Reno Omokri

As a young man experiencing childhood in 1980s Nigeria, I knew Black ladies as dazzling ladies who radiated appeal and rearing in their dressing, their aura and in their characteristics. Actually, the embodiment of perfection was Nigeria's then First Lady, Maryam Babangida.

Mariam was dim cleaned and glad for it. She didn't fade her skin neither did she shape her face with flapjack powder to make her seem lighter. She was an exquisite Black lady and glad for it. Also, when you took a gander at her, you realized that Black was and still is delightful.

I might not be right, yet I was an exceptionally perceptive kid and I can't once recall Maryam

Babangida wearing any Western style garments. Not that there is anything amiss with it, but rather Maryam could look stunning and rich in African fabrics outlined by African tailors.

What's more, it was not simply Maryam Babangida, despite the fact that she set the pace. Indeed, even our female pop stars of that time were dazzling ladies who were pleased with their Blackness.

I recollect Onyeka Onwenu. She was tastefulness represented. She had an Afro and it was adorable. Her contemporary was Christy Essien-Igbokwe and like Onyeka, she was a paragon of Black female beauty.

Furthermore, it was not simply First Ladies of governmental issues and popular music. Indeed, even our On Air Personalities and TV stay ladies were of the same twisted. You had Ruth Benamaisia, Tokunbo Ajayi, Bimbo Roberts and numerous others.

Truth be told, the main real star of Nigeria's then thriving film and theater industry (the forerunner of Nollywood) Patti Boulaye, (née Patricia Ngozi Ebigwei) was a clone of Maryam Babangida. Exceptionally dull cleaned, high and affirmed cheek bones and most vital of all, not embarrassed about it. Her featuring part in Bisi, Daughter of the River, made ready for dim cleaned lovelies here at home and in England where she turned into a noteworthy star.

I refer to these cases to demonstrate that being a Black lady used to imply that you were a beautiful lady.

Be that as it may, something has changed. Today, I can't flip through the pages of daily papers and magazines or peruse online networking without seeing dyed Black ladies in extremely uncovering outfits being commended not for any positive thing that they have accomplished yet rather in light of the fact that they parade their cleavage, their backside, thighs and different parts of their bodies.

Where we as a general public used to advance the perfect lady as being flawless, today, our ladies need to be seen as being provocative. What's more, being hot seems, by all accounts, to be code for looking light cleaned, displaying scarcely dressed bodies with heads secured in imported "Brazilian" hair.

Why should a lady be hot? I would have imagined that it would have been exceptional to be stunning than it is to be hot.

I mean there is a reason the colossal artist, Stevland Hardaway Morris (also called Stevie Wonder) made a hit tune titled 'Isn't She beautiful'.

Exquisiteness is a superior perfect for ladies to try to than provocativeness. Furthermore, you don't need to blanch or shape or conceal your Afro under Brazilian hair to be beautiful.

Mrs. Aisha Buhari is Black, delightful and beautiful. Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie is Black, delightful and stunning. Chidinma of the kedike acclaim is Black, wonderful and dazzling. Omotayo Omotosho is Black, wonderful and stunning. Molara Wood is Black, wonderful and beautiful. There are numerous Black, wonderful and beautiful ladies in Nigeria and we ought to advance that perfect instead of this westernized perfect of the "provocative" lady.

As indicated by the Oxford English Dictionary, "hot" signifies "sexually appealing" while "flawless" signifies "dazzlingly delightful". As a lady, solicit yourself which from these two goals you truly need for yourself?

I am persuaded Satan advances the word hot so we can consider ladies to be sex objects, yet God advances the word stunning so we can consider them to be creatures to be adored.

Release us back to The Bible were everything started and see what it lets us know.

In Esther 2:17 we read that "Now the lord was pulled in to Esther more than to any of the other ladies, and she won his support and endorsement more than any of the other".

Why helped Esther acquire out? King Xerxes had numerous SEXY ladies in his collection of mistresses. Yet in spite of the variety of hotness accessible to him, it was the LOVELY Esther he picked as his ruler. Why?

That is the issue we are going to look at in whatever remains of this piece.

Ladies ought to consider the kind of men they pull in on the off chance that they try to look provocative rather than if they try is to look beautiful.

Actually ladies who look dazzling draw in men searching for adoration while ladies who look provocative pull in men searching for sex.

That is only the astringent truth. Some might call me sexist yet I have a wife and a girl that will vouch for how I treat them like rulers. Truth is intense, untruths are spread. One will cleanse you while the other will make you fat!

Indeed, even among creatures, a lioness is a flawless creature and that is the reason she stays in a pride with her lion mate. The lion will ensure her and together they will raise a group of fledglings that stay with them until they begin their own pride or are ingested into another pride.

A lioness has pride since she is flawless.

I need to urge our ladies to consider themselves to be flawless. They don't have to parade their most sensitive parts since that is the thing that Western ladies do.

In the event that they should parade anything, let our flawless ladies display their insight, their characters and their Blackness.

Give us a chance to hold or come back to the perfect of Black womanhood, where the Black lady is unashamedly Black, exquisite, unadulterated and a mainstay of her home and her group.


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