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I wouldn't say I am a dating a master, however I can say I have learnt a great deal from the dating scene. Being in Nigeria and having dated some Nigerian young ladies, I have thought of some essential principles, regardless of the possibility that you are a tenderfoot, take after this standards and you are ready. Every one of these standards applies on the off chance that you are underneath 35 years old(below marriage age) or in the event that you don't anticipate getting hitched at any point in the near future.

1)Never, ever experience passionate feelings for;

Yes you heard me right, you better shoot yourself in the head than experience passionate feelings for, disregard the thought of affection you see on TV or books, here in Nigeria it doesn't happen that way, in the event that you begin to look all starry eyed at, you are helpless before whoever you are enamored with, albeit a few young ladies are justified, despite all the trouble, its only a little division of Nigerian young ladies that merit that tall tales sorts of adoration, a modest bunch of them don't esteem your affection, regardless of the fact that you have cash to spend on them, they would just love your cash, you are only a normal gentleman to them if its just cherish you bring to the table them.

You think I am clowning? I know a young lady who has a beau that she guarantees truly cherish her and notwithstanding willing to burn through cash on her, but then she was willing to engage in sexual relations with me only for the fun(yes, you heard me right) , I additionally know another young lady who we both talk messy to one another, despite the fact that there is a fellow that truly adores this young lady, tails her all over the place, constantly prepared to help her , constantly prepared to make a special effort to satisfy her, you comprehend what this young lady let me know about him, that she feels he is a parasitic bloodsucker. Truly, a few young ladies could truly be bitches. I know you are envisioning that these young ladies I am discussing are those free and carefree young ladies that couldn't care less, no, they are not, the one I just let you know about is an intense young lady who is tolerable and doesn't look anything like a heart breaker. Try not to let feelings cloud your thinking ,folks don't experience passionate feelings for.

2)Multiple date;

Yes , date bounty young ladies and be exceptionally savvy, ensure none of them figures out, folks are polygamous in nature, act as per your tendency, date as bounty young ladies as you can at the same time and don't take an excessive amount of enthusiasm for any of them, the one you in the end begin to look all starry eyed at is the one that will wind up breaking you into pieces. Also, please never connect your bliss to any young lady, never join your satisfaction to the measure of young ladies you can date, still do different things that intrigue you and do young ladies as a method for relaxing nothing more, don't take anything individual, don't take any young lady unique, in the event that she quit, its her misfortune, despite everything you keep on having a fabulous time, never ask any of them.

3)Make beyond any doubt you are picking up something from them:

Ensure they contribute their quantity to the "dating", anything by any stretch of the imagination, in the event that they aren't adding to the relationship, they won't esteem it, ensure the young lady is attempting to make the dating work and not simply only you, in the event that she isn't attempting to make it work, you shouldn't be irritated, that is the reason you have a gathering of young ladies to pick from , so it shouldn't trouble you one piece. Regardless of the possibility that she says no sex before marriage, do things that are near sex, and don't take anything individual, never get connected to her in light of anything extraordinary she accomplishes for you.

4)Expect anything at whatever time:

Absolutely never get found napping , dependably be arranged for anything that happens, the young lady may very well quitat at whatever time all of a sudden, don't give it a chance to get to you, on the grounds that you ought to realize that most young ladies settle on choices situated in their enthusiastic thrill ride, and feelings are similar to the whether, you can't foresee it , dependably be prepared , dependably envision the more awful case situation, would you say you are prepared for it? A young lady who cases to cherish you such a great amount at the present time , could get up tomorrow to acknowledge she doesn't love you once more, yes it has transpired times and times over once more.

5)Love yourself dependably;

Regardless of what a young lady may say in regards to you, it doesn't figure out who you truly are, its all passionate control, a few young ladies are inclined to utilizing feelings to control folks when they trust the fellow can fall, regardless of what she says, simply know its only her sentiment and it has no association with reality, a young lady has let me know I was unfeeling, merciless, impolite out of the blue without former offense, and even after I was the main individual who asked after her wellbeing and being a tender man to her, do you know how I responded? I was thoroughly cool and unaffected by her words, you know why? Since I know suppositions aren't generally actualities and two, on the grounds that i know bunches of young ladies use feelings to control straightforwardly or by implication, intentionally or subliminally. So I wasn't even moved by her words by any stretch of the imagination, I was trying to say "alright", " okay" and grinning, I wasnt notwithstanding feeling awful or irate by any means, that is on the grounds that I have absolute control of my feelings and I would never give anyone control over my feelings.

6)Always use you cerebrum, be keen.

Be keen yet make an effort not to be excessively shrewd in light of the fact that not all that matters are the way they appears, you simply need to string painstakingly, dependably be getting it done , nobody says feelings are terrible, however the more you capture your feelings with your rationale , the better for you. Don't totally discard your feelings , they are exceptionally helpful and they let you know loads of things from your brain, however dependably be prepared to break down your feelings, find a sense of contentment with yourself. Your satisfaction is the thing that matters most.


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