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44-year-old Mohammed Raees Makani who has been an auto technician for a long time from India has no formal training and can't read or compose however this has not ceased him from fulfilling an exploratory deed of incredible scale. He claims to have design a car that keeps running on water. 

He has been changing a 800 cc motor throughout the previous five years - and now trusts he has made the scientific breakthrough. 

The car utilizes a blend of water and carbide which at just shy of two pence a liter is much more practical than conventional fossil powers. Markani, from the state of Madhya Pradesh, said: 

"The car keeps running on acetylene gas , which is shaped from a substance response between calcium carbide and water. The gas is utilized for a few modern purposes including welding and compact lighting for mineworkers. Be that as it may, for my situation, I am utilizing it to push the auto motors. I have rolled out different improvements to the motors, which helps the general execution of the car. So essentially, it is just about the water. This thought struck my mind while I was gas welding a piece of my car in my workshop numerous years back. Yet, I didn't know how to go about it," Markani said. "Some way or another, I made a begin and it took five years to make this effective motor." Not just does he now have a patent for his earth shattering innovation, he has been welcomed by Chinese car organizations to encourage add to the thought, however for organizations hoping to take advantage of his work, he has a catch; any plant to make new autos will be built up just in the place where he grew up in Madhya Pradesh. Markani said: "I need things to change in the place where I grew up. So this is the place my work ought to proceed."


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