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Linda ikeji will be giving out N1 million this Christmas just to say thank you to her fans

Linda ikeji just posted on her blog that she will be giving out a million naira out.... But these is what she said 

Each December given that 2013, i've been freely giving N1million to you my exquisite readers and this 12 months will no longer be an exception. I would love to say a big thanks to everybody who opened LIB in 2015! I preserve saying you men changed my life and i can not thank you enough. The people and agencies who come right here to pay massive sums of money to advertise don't do it because they prefer me, they do it due to the fact they recognise you all are right here. They see the thousands and thousands of clicks a day and the rating on Alexa and that they pay to apply my platform to attain you guys. I owe you men a lot, for the affection, help and having my returned through the good, the horrific and the unsightly. Particularly the ugly...Lol.

Even the 'haters/unbelievers' make a contribution to the fulfillment of this blog...Lol. When they start with their propaganda tales, they unfold the gospel of LIB and more human beings come here to test things out for themselves and whilst they come right here, they get hooked....Lol. I'm thankful to them. Please retain...

I started the N1million giveaway in 2013 because the most top notch matters in my existence commenced that yr and i accept as true with in giving lower back!

In 2013, I constructed a huge residence for my parents in our village in Nkwerre, Imo nation. I additionally provided borehole/water for human beings in my father's community who haven't had water in years. My father become sooner or later made a major, a street become named after him and lately an inter-residence game become named after him. These types of turned into to show their appreciation for what I and my dad did for them.

My dad, who's 72, looked at me someday and said 'If I die these days, i'm able to die a glad guy. Thanks!' It added tears to my eyes, and for the primary time in my life, I felt i might without a doubt achieved something. To peer that joy and delight in a determine's eye...There is nothing like it! If you have never experienced it, I pray you do quickly. I am certainly thankful to have experienced it. If no longer for you guys, I by no means could have been capable of. Your love for this weblog and consistency has stored me in commercial enterprise. I am so thankful!

2014 was even a higher yr. I was able to recognize a number of my goals. I even bought my dream ride...Lol. They attempted to shut me down...But God showed them He changed into bigger. And that enjoy introduced me more readers and fanatics...And took LIB to a better stage.

But 2015 has thus far been the maximum high-quality yr of my lifestyles! I've touched extra lives this year than i would ever carried out earlier than. I helped 15 ladies begin their very own corporations and normal, a young female tells me I encourage her. That means more to me than any fabric aspect. Simply being someone human beings appearance as much as is a super feeling. Sharing my tale and those learning from it and pronouncing it's driven them to need to better themselves makes me experience actually desirable.

And that i did something this 12 months that amazed myself, my own family and everyone else. I bought a house in Banana Island, Ikoyi...Lol. Earlier than I paid for the house, I remember my banker searching at me like i used to be loopy...Lol. She become like 'you are no longer going to spend all that cash on a residence?'...I said watch me...Lol. She tried to convince me to shop for a residence in Lekki and make investments the rest in other houses and organizations however i was adamant. The residence became my dream domestic...And that i agree with in living the existence of your dreams...Due to the fact in the future, all of this can be over. She even desired me to get a loan to finance the residence however I refused. Till these days, I nevertheless pinch myself. I cannot accept as true with how my lifestyles has modified so much. Once more, all thanks to you men!

I know shopping for a house for that amount in such an area stressed quite a few human beings. Many did not trust I should manage to pay for it...And to be sincere, I do not blame them. If I have been them, i might have my doubts too. If you do not recognize how this internet commercial enterprise works, you'll in no way get how a blogger can have enough money it. However allow's put it this way...Perez Hilton, who's the most important blogger in the US is really worth over $30million (Google it). He started running a blog in 2005, only a 12 months before I began blogging in 2006... And i am purported to be the most important blogger in Africa. Wouldn't it no longer be a shame if i'm no longer well worth even $5million? Lol.

I study somewhere that a flesh presser may have offered me the residence...LMAO! I find that hilarious! Inner me and politicians, who get cash pass? Lol. Politicians do not even live in Banana Island... They cannot afford to on their salaries and remunerations...Besides people who are stealing government money or even those will no longer be stupid enough to try this earlier than EFCC comes for them. 

There is a lot money to be made in media.Hundreds of manufacturers, individuals, multinationals plug into your platform. If no longer for LIRS (hehe), i might have thought many of you interested in online business how you may make money. However i might be exposing myself. Lol. (but perhaps in the future i will do a one-day seminar and train you men the hints...*wink*).

You keep in mind when Oprah was nevertheless jogging her show? While Forbes launched listing of maximum incomes individuals, she could continually pinnacle the list with like $300million income in 365 days, whilst actors and actresses could make less than $50m in yr? That is media! Me that i am aiming to be the first black billionaire blogger from Africa! Hehe. (some humans think I already am sef...)

i'm starting up a bit greater so you guys recognize how this commercial enterprise works. And for upcoming bloggers, the worst element you'll ever do on your business is accumulate cash from anybody for some thing apart from an ad campaign in your web page. It is better for people to unfold something this is fake as an alternative for it to be the truth. If you gather these things, it'll come back to haunt you. It really is a guarantee! I've by no means carried out it. Will never do it! I plan to be around for a long time.

And about all of the negativity being unfold on line...Please my darlings, forget about! When you are on pinnacle, there is so much envy. Human beings attempt a lot to carry you down. Your success reasons them so much headache and they search for ways to discredit you, to deliver you all the way down to their degree. Don't forget what they attempted to do to me final yr? I over came that and could maintain to over come. They'll maintain coming at me with what they have...This may by no means prevent as alongside as I preserve staying on top...And it's okay because I plan to hold shining...Lol. If they may be this mad that i purchased a residence in Banana Island, what could they do after I in the end buy a personal jet? Lol.

For every a success character available...Or simply succeeding at something...These people will always exist! Your achievement will pain them so much, they will want your downfall. Simply maintain your head up and maintain doing you and maintain shining! To hold succeeding is your high-quality revenge! God is your strength!  

Besides, simply desired to share a bit greater and tell you guys i'm gifting away N1million to LIB readers as a manner to appreciate your kindness and aid towards me like I did the ultimate  years. May God preserve to guide and defend you men! I can do another post letting you guys know how the cash will be shared.


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