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Why do men act like fools for love....

I have been wondering and thinking why is that men act like fools for love? Why do men act like fools have asked, research and have done a lot of deep thinking........

Today i will give out what have research, asked and thought about

This picture by my left is a man deeply in thought thinking of that lady he saw, collected her number, asked out for a date or his woman.

So now we ask ourself i mean guys
Why do we act like fools for love despite how strong and stubborn we are.

Ok let me give some definition out
What is love,lust, crush and infatuation

1. Love - an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person
- a deep or abiding liking for something
- to care deeply about, to be dedicated to.

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So we can say love is the sacrificial placing of someone else ahead of your own needs, wants and desires. When you can lay down your life for that person that love.

2. Lust
- A feeling of strong desire, especially of a sexual nature
- A general want or longing not necessarily sexual or devious
- A delightful cause of joy, pleasure
- To crave sexual contact urgently

So we can say lust is the absolute selfish desire to fulfill either a physical or emotional need or want. It is when your sexually attracted to someone and want them badly for sex .

3. Crush
- A short -lived and unrequited love or infatuation

A crush is merely the attraction a person has for another person. Eg you see someone you like or you see things about someone you like and feel attracted to him/her, but the other person does not feel anything for you. Many mistake this for love

4. Infatuation
- An unreasoning love or attraction

Infatuation is often a mental obsession. This is a person who will day dream, create fantasies and if not controlled, commit mental sex. This person may never act on his or her fantasies, but they more often then not create an unrealistic impression of the person they are fantasising about.

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By now you might be wondering why did i need to explain all this, the fact is that you must understand all this first before we move to the main reason of this post.

By now some wise individuals would have got the answer to this topic after reading the definitions above, but not all are really wise enough so let me break it down and explain more my answer would be broken into two.

Now the question why men act like fools?
My views goes like this

The reason men act like fools for love is because when a man becomes love stroke and when he gets into this zone he losses his sense of reasoning

Now developing a mental illness of love it is at this stage he loses his lack of self control leading him to forget his ego and start acting like a 4 yrs old boy why because his mentally drunk in love. That when love, lust, crush, infatuation comes in, if for love he is ready to do anything to please his lady, that why a guy can go so low in helping his woman to wash dishes, helping her wear her shoes or clothes by doing all this individuals outside seeing him do all this calls him all sorts of names like, his a fool in love, his crazy in love, his lovesick or madly in love. Love can make smart and self respecting men feel and act ridiculous

In the aspect of lust the man is ready and willing to do anything just to have her by which he goes beyond doing normal things to being a fool just to get what he wants that why you see some men buying cars worth millions just to get one lady.

Same thing goes out to crush and infatuation
So we can say the reason why men act like fools for love his because they are mentally insane for love losing their sense of reasons.

If this post was by anyway helpful and informative pls do drop down your views Thank you. 


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